Americas specialized workforce

Trained and experienced field and support engineering teams to ensure we meet high quality IT standards

GALAIT, over the past 20 years has grown in experience and training in field installation and commissioning. Together with the project management competence to support this, we have the capability to drive large, complex network rollouts on a global basis according to client needs. We are ready to provide a full range of professional services that support all life cycle stages of ICT infrastructure:


  • Site survey and auditing

  • On-site rack/sub-rack & equipment installation including cable management

  • Tray-work installation

  • Fiber-optic installation, splicing and testing

  • Cabling and DDF systems and structured cabling installation

  • Power – AC / DC rectifier/cable installation

  • On-site testing and commissioning.

  • Customer premises equipment installation

  • Street cabinet installations

  • Network implementation

  • De-installation and de-commissioning

  • As-built/reports and documentation

  • Break-fix support

  • Audits &  Decommissioning

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