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Americas specialized workforce


Trained and experienced field and support engineering teams to ensure we meet high quality IT standards

GALAIT, over the past 20 years, has grown in experience and skills in field installation and infrastructure maintenances. With our services delivery staff and +150 local technicians, we're able to drive larges, complex network rollouts on global infrastructures, with a single contact point according to client needs.

We have the best ICT human resources for all of Mexico, Central América, y Latin América. Brazil. Majors US cities.

  • Desktop Support

  • Server support and administrator

  • Remote Hands

  • Smart Hands

  • Cabling and Labeling

  • Wi-Fi Site survey and auditing

  • On-site rack/sub-rack & equipment installation including cable management

  • Tray-cable installation

  • Fiber-optic installation, splicing, and testing

  • Cabinets and DDF systems cabling installation

  • Power – AC / DC rectifier/cable installation

  • On-site testing and commissioning

  • Customer premises equipment installation

  • Street cabinet installations

  • Network implementation

  • De-installation and de-commissioning

  • As-built/reports and documentation

  • Break-fix support

  • Audits &  Decommissioning.

You can email us tos@galait.com or send your support request here.

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